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Survey, Supervision and Consultancy



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         Rino Inspections B.V.  is  specialized  in  handling  liquid  cargoes   meaning :

Rino Inspections B.V.

 A  no  nonsense  full  independent  quality 

Vogelenzang 30

  and   quantity   control   with    more   then

3362 BW  Sliedrecht

  25 years  of  experience  about  full survey, 

(Z-H) Netherlands

  2nd  opinion,   consultancy   and   testing  
   of vessels,  barges,  shoretanks,  line/pump  

Tel. +31 (0) 655 784 328

  systems,  railtankcars  and  tanktrucks.  

E-Mail: info@rinobv.com



  Inspections,   measurements,  blending, Measuring   of   CO -  HCN -  H2S -  NH3 -
CoC Rotterdam 54 39 62 39  calculations, supervision or stockcontrol Gamma Radiation  -  Specific Compounds :

VAT no NL.8512.88.959.B01

  for  all  your  cargo operations / storages Oxygen ( > 0.1 % )  -   Dewpoint ( > -80C ),


  before, during, after  loading, discharge, Combustible Gas  LEL% (IR and Catalytic),
   transhipments  and  transfers. VOC by PID (PPM and PPB) - Benzene, etc.
   Sampling, preparing and proper labelling Fast  and  full    analysis   at    independent
   of Composite,  Average,  Absolute Bottom, external  laboratories  or  one at your choice.


  Absolute Top,    Upper,    Middle,    Lower  


 and    Special   Level    samples.
    Complete,  fast   and   full  reports  send   in
   Sealing  and  retaining  of  samples   in  a PDF-file  by  E-Mail  usually  the  same day


  environmentally  controlled   storage  room. or  on  request :  on writing  and  by postmail.

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